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As Year-End Deadline Nears, U.S. Senate Plays Political Theater


Location: Washington, DC

As Year-End Deadline Nears, U.S. Senate Plays Political Theater Washington, D.C.--Rep. David B. McKinley, P.E. (R-W.Va.) released the following statement on the Senate's lack of action on two House-passed bills:

"Instead of taking action to avert the tax increases and mandatory across-the-board cuts that will go into effect on January 1, the Senate continues to grandstand and use the final days of the year for political theater," said Rep. McKinley. "The House has already passed two bills that could be used to avoid the increase in personal taxes and the across-the-board government spending reductions called for in the Budget Control Act of 2011, but Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has chosen to ignore them. The Senate can take immediate action and approve either of the bills and send them to the President, or amend them and send them back to the House for us to consider."

"But as recent as this morning, Senator Reid stated that he will not act on either of the bills and has insisted the House take up the Senate-passed tax bill which would raise taxes on families and small businesses with incomes greater than $250,000," stated Rep. McKinley. "But there is a problem with the Majority Leader's demand: as my Democrat colleagues should understand, Article I, Section 7 of the Constitution requires that "All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives."

"The bill originating in the Senate does NOT meet these constitutional criteria and it has NOT left the Senate Chamber," added McKinley. "Surely the Senate Leadership is aware that this bill is being held in the Senate because it is unconstitutional. The bill was merely a futile act of political posturing and obstructionism. For Senator Harry Reid and others to call for the House to vote on this bill is disingenuous and a violation to the legislative process laid out in the Constitution."

"I stand with my House colleagues ready to get back to work when the Senate abides by the Constitution, stops its obstruction and amends the House-passed legislation to avoid tax increases which could hurt our fragile economy and punish small businesses and middle class Americans," added McKinley.

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