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House to Vote on No Budget, No Pay


Location: Washington, DC

Representative Reid Ribble (WI-08) made the following statement on the announcement that the House will vote on the provisions of the No Budget, No Pay legislation next week. Congressman Ribble helped introduce this bipartisan bill in the 112th Congress and is the lead Republican on this bill in the 113th Congress.

No Budget, No Pay states that members of Congress will not receive pay without the passage of a budget.

"I have championed the principles in No Budget, No Pay since my first term in office and I am pleased that it is going to be getting a vote on the floor. This legislation will hold members of Congress accountable, which is something that doesn't happen enough in Washington. For four years, the Senate has failed to pass a budget and it's time for that trend to stop. This bill not only has Republicans and Democrats behind it, it has the American people behind it as well. This is a first step of bringing common-sense reforms back to Washington."

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