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Gwen Moore Opposes Governor Walker Decision to Reject Expansion of BadgerCare


Location: Washington, DC

Today, Congresswoman Gwen Moore (WI-4) spoke out in opposition to Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's decision not to pursue expansion of the state's BadgerCare program under the new Affordable Care Act (ACA). She released this statement:

"It seems our Governor Scott Walker is determined to consistently be on the wrong side of history. He has once again allowed his Republican ideologies to interfere with what is best for the people of the state of Wisconsin.

"His decision to not allow Wisconsin to participate in the federal Medicaid expansion rejects $4.38 billion in federal funding that could help poor and working class Wisconsinites who desperately need these health benefits. This decision will increase low-income families' out-of-pocket health care costs, pricing needed care out of reach for some.

"His decision to leave this money on the table is baffling. Especially when a number of his fellow Republican governors including Jan Brewer of Arizona, John Kasich of Ohio and Jack Dalrymple of North Dakota have chosen to accept the Medicaid expansion funds even though they have stated that they are ideologically opposed to the ACA.

"Government is supposed to help, not hurt people. Instead of reducing the number of uninsured by building on the Medicaid and CHIP coverage, the number of uninsured in Wisconsin may go up. It just doesn't make any sense. We can't implore people to pull themselves up by their bootstraps if they don't even have boots. During these tough economic times we need to be figuring out how to increase health services to the less fortunate, not strip them away."

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