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Gwen Moore Recognizes 40th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade


Location: Washington, DC

Congresswoman Gwen Moore (WI-4) recognized the 40th Anniversary of the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision which is today. She released this statement:

"Forty years ago, our country's Supreme Court made a bold statement on behalf of women across this country. The decision in the case of Roe v. Wade protected the reproductive choice of women giving them the opportunity to deal with the issue of unintended pregnancy in a safe and private manner.

"Prior to this decision 1.2 million women resorted to illegal abortions each year where they encountered unsanitary conditions, unlicensed and unscrupulous doctors, and very dangerous situations. These "back-alley' abortions often resulted in infection, hemorrhage, disfiguration and even death.

"With the re-election of President Barack Obama, the majority of the American people have reaffirmed their commitment to not allow anyone to attempt to erode this decision that has been so critical to women's health.

"The right to choose is an important and deeply personal decision that should be afforded to every woman. We must continue to uphold this right so that women can continue to receive a full range of reproductive health services."

Click here to view Rep. Moore discussing the 40th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade on MSNBC with Thomas Roberts.

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