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Issue Position: Port of Charleston

Issue Position

Location: Unknown

South Carolina's ports, specifically the Charleston port, have been some of South Carolina's most critical economic resources for centuries. Today, ports in South Carolina's lowcountry translate into a $45 billion + per year economic machine and generate hundreds of thousands of jobs for South Carolina citizens. Additionally, our port serves the entire southeastern region and beyond. The Port of Charleston, an ideally located port, directly serves more than 150 countries. One out of every five jobs in South Carolina is directly or indirectly tied to the Port of Charleston. The economic benefit and impact a strong Port of Charleston has on the citizens of the 1st Congressional district cannot be understated.

Unlike many Federal Government spending programs today, Federal assistance (with national interests) related to Commerce is outlined in the United States Constitution. If elected to serve as your Congressman, I will work to do everything I can to secure federal funding to complete the dredging of the Charleston harbor on a reasonable timeframe.

Our federal tax dollars should go towards national interests that directly or indirectly affect a broad group of Americans -- like the Port of Charleston. I will work hard to ensure that our hard earned tax dollars are spent on common-sense projects that are national priorities, like dredging the Port of Charleston, and not wasteful pork barrel spending. There is a countless number of federally funded "projects" that serve special interests and should be eliminated completely -- like the $325,000 federal grant for the development of a "Robo-squirrel" -- a robotic squirrel designed to test the interaction between rattlesnakes and squirrels or the estimated $1.5 billion taxpayers pay for cell phones for more than 16.5 million people. The list is endless and our priorities are out of line.

Washington needs to get serious about its priorities related to spending and I'll do all I can to fight for a little common sense in Washington -- something this country desperately needs.

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