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Issue Position: Energy Independence

Issue Position

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Our Modern World is dependent on energy. Roads require fossil fuels for building, as well as traveling. Air conditioning and heat, which have made the entire world habitable, cannot operate without electricity- coal and natural gas. Three decades ago, proven world oil reserves were 645 billion barrels; five years ago, it was 1.28 trillion, and in 2009, it was 1.34 trillion. Almost certainly, more exists than we have yet discovered. Unfortunately, the Administration's policies are keeping too much of our resource off-limits, which means higher prices and more dependence. Unblocking access to our reserves is the cornerstone of the solution. We must make oil more affordable in order to foster an atmosphere where the private sector can experiment and provide supply. Cheaper oil now is the jumping off point for innovation in the future.

That's why my policy on energy is an "All of the Above' approach. Nuclear power, green energy, and off-shore drilling must all be utilized to address the problems we face in the present market. War-torn and hostile nations have hoodwinked us for years. They play games with the cost and availability of oil and gas, not necessarily because of the limited amount available, but because they know how desperate we Americans are for it. We must detach ourselves from these abusive relationships. We have resources right here at home, but due to special interests and liberal misinformation, our ability to tap into these resources has been hampered, or even derailed. We must act, and soon, in order to wean our country from the foreign reliance we have on energy. To begin, and to revolutionize the world, we must seek out the energy found right here in our own back yards.

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