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Issue Position: Gun Rights

Issue Position

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Our right to protect ourselves, and our families, through the ownership and use of arms, was an important concept to America's Founding Fathers. Gun rights were so important to them that the only rights preceding it in our Constitution are freedom of speech, the press, religion, and peaceful assembly.

Recent comments by the current administration are truly abominable. The notion that a President, acting alone through executive order, would attempt to alter the plain language of the United States Constitution should alarm every American, regardless of creed. And as if the incredibly egregious overstep of power wasn't enough, the logic behind the President's intent doesn't hold water. Limiting access to guns will only prevent those who follow the law from being armed. Law-breakers will still break the law. Therefore, I oppose any measure by the President or his administration, to usurp the rights of the people to keep and bear arms. As a Congressman, I would fight any executive order abridging our rights, and I would support legislation that seeks to nullify any confines of the 2nd Amendment that the President desires.

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