Issue Position: Jobs and the Future of the Economy

Issue Position

By:  John Kuhn
Date: Jan. 1, 2013
Location: Unknown

The United States became an economic super-power because of our ingenuity, innovativeness, and independence- not because our government controlled corporate structures, coddled certain industry, and corrupted market incentives. In order to revitalize our economy, and renew our hopes for the future, we must again distinguish our economic model as one that is built upon the firm foundation of free enterprise, and balanced books.

In addition to balancing the budget, I believe that the fastest way to create new jobs is to restore our businesses' free market choices. Repealing unnecessary regulations, and simplifying and lowering taxes will cause immediate changes in the way our private sector operates. As your Congressman, I will do the following:

1. I will de-regulate, in order to encourage job creators, so that they can succeed. Over-regulations discourages business, and slows, or stops the invisible hand of the the free market.
2. I will work towards repealing Obamacare.
3. I will work towards rescinding the Davis-Bacon Act.
4. Along those lines, I will fight to repeal the Dodd-Frank Act and Sarbanes Oxley Act.
5. I will fight for infrastructure investments, because the 1st District needs functioning highways and a thriving port in order to make it competitive when bringing in and growing industry.

Simply put, employment will rise when the private sector succeeds. Washington's role in that process must be a limited one. Growing regulation and debt, and sky-high taxes will not solve our economic woes. It is imperative that we go back to the free market ideals that our country was founded on.

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