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Where are the Spending Cuts


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Bob Goodlatte released the following statement after voting against the Senate's fiscal cliff plan:

"I voted against this legislation because it fails to address the biggest threat to the American economy and our nation as a whole -- spending and debt," said Congressman Goodlatte. "Early this morning, the Senate finally took action. The plan they passed continues out of control spending and does not go far enough to extend tax relief to hardworking families and many small businesses. The tax increases contained in this bill will take effect immediately, but the future spending cuts that have been promised may never happen. We do not have a tax revenue problem in America. Out of control spending is the problem -- a national debt in excess of $16 trillion is a clear enough example, and this "deal' does not address it on the spending side.

"The lack of cooperation by the Senate and White House on these issues has been particularly disappointing," Goodlatte continued. "While the House voted to cut spending and prevent tax hikes, the Senate repeatedly failed to act. As we ring in yet another year, it frustrates me and the people of the Sixth District that this issue has once again been punted further down the road. We must proceed with serious spending cuts that will get a handle on our debt crisis, balance the budget, and foster economic growth."

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