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Rigell Votes to Hold Congress Accountable with 'No Budget, No Pay'

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Today Representative Scott Rigell (VA-2), a Member of the House Committee on the Budget and founding Member of the Fix Congress Now Caucus, voted for, and the House passed, the "No Budget, No Pay' provision as part of H.R. 325, a bill to temporarily increase the debt ceiling. H.R. 325 passed with bipartisan support, 285 to 144.

"I have long supported bipartisan efforts to prevent Members of Congress from receiving pay unless they pass a budget. Every American family has a budget; so too should the U.S. government. The Senate has not passed a budget in nearly four years. 'No Budget, No Pay' will force it to uphold its most fundamental responsibility: to pass a budget."

The "No Budget, No Pay' provision prohibits both Representatives and Senators from getting paid unless and until they each pass a concurrent budget resolution. As part of the measure, the debt ceiling will be temporarily raised for three months.

"Being a fiscal conservative requires us to pay our bills and to honor the spending commitments already made by the U.S. government. H.R. 325 allows our country to meet these obligations while requiring Congress to control spending. Members of Congress must be held accountable to pass a budget that wisely and responsibly decreases federal spending so that raising the debt ceiling in the future becomes unnecessary."

Rigell, who started the Fix Congress Now Caucus as a vehicle to bring reform to Washington, was an early advocate of 'No Budget, No Pay.' Since entering Congress, Rigell has declined federal benefits and returns 15% of his salary annually to the Treasury for debt reduction.

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