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Rigell: Cliff Deal Must Address Spending


Location: Washington, DC

Rigell Says Spending Must Be Addressed As Part of Solution to Fiscal Crisis
Washington, DC - Representative Scott Rigell (VA-2) voted against H.R. 8 this evening because it fails to address reckless government spending. He released the following statement:

"I have consistently called for a comprehensive solution to our nation's fiscal crisis, one that reduces spending - the principal driver of our deficit - and generates more revenue through tax reform and economic growth. While the bill that came to the floor does generate additional revenue, it fails to reduce spending. In fact it increases spending.

"The President called for a balanced approach to our fiscal crisis, which, in principle, I fully support. But the bill we received from the Senate was not balanced. Instead, it reflects the seductive philosophy that pervades this town: 'The fight is always around the corner.' This has to end.

"The time to lead and make tough decisions to restore our nation's financial health is now. There is a better way. We're Americans. Let's find it."

See Congressman Rigell speak from the House floor earlier today about H.R. 8
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