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House Passes "No Budget, No Pay" Act

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Rob Bishop (UT-01) today issued the following statement after voting in support of H.R. 325, The No Budget, No Pay Act:

"Across this nation it's universally understood that there are consequences for failing to perform the basic functions of your job. This same level of accountability should apply to Members of Congress, which is why I support the No Budget, No Pay Act. Since April 29, 2009, the Democrat-controlled Senate has failed to produce a budget, whereas the House has consistently done its job year after year. Ironically, the Senate couldn't even pass the President's proposed budget despite the clear Democrat majority," said Congressman Bishop. "Funding the government through Continuing Resolutions gives the President and Administration too much power to shift money around. It's time Congress reasserted itself and fulfilled its duty."

This bill specifically extends the Federal Government's borrowing authority by suspending enforcement of the debt ceiling through May 19, 2013. It also establishes that both the House and Senate must pass a budget by April 15 of this year. The bill includes a provision to halt pay to Representatives and Senators in the event that budgets are not passed in this time period.

"The No Budget, No Pay Act makes clear that if budgets aren't passed, Members won't be paid. It is my hope that the deadlines included in the legislation will help incentivize efforts to not only pass a budget, but also address some of the gravest issues facing our nation, including reforming Washington spending, tackling the trillion-dollar deficit and stopping the sequestration cuts to defense," Bishop added.

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