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Bishop States that Congress Must Focus on Cutting Spending


Location: Washington, DC

Representative Rob Bishop (UT-01) voted against H.R. 8 this evening because the legislation failed to prevent sequestration from occurring and did not adequately address reckless government spending.

"Our goal was always to protect as many Americans as possible from tax increases and to cut spending. There are good things about this deal, like the fact that taxes are reduced for most people and the AMT fix and death tax rates are made permanent. Until very recently, virtually no Democrats were talking about extending the tax cuts, and today, Congress made most of the tax cuts permanent. Those are all positives. If the Senate had just stopped there, this deal would have been much better than it ended up. Unfortunately, Democrats in control of the White House and Senate avoided real spending cuts and insisted on too much revenue. They included things like raising dividend taxes, increasing the highest rate within the death tax, which was not necessary, and most importantly for our area, doing nothing on sequestration. They just kicked it down the road for two months and I have no confidence that the Administration or the Senate are serious about coming back and really solving this military funding problem."

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