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Sessions Applauds Passage of House Rules Package for the 113th Congress


Location: Washington, DC

U.S. Congressman Pete Sessions (R-TX), Chairman of the House Rules Committee, made the following statement today regarding the House Rules package for the 113th Congress, which passed the House today:

"Our work must always be directly accountable to the American people who granted us the privilege of serving here -- and the imperative for accountability is never higher than when we face tough economic times. As our national debt skyrockets, our economy limps sluggishly along, and unemployment remains predictably high, the need for a fully transparent process in the House of Representatives is greater than ever. The Rules package will help us to achieve this goal in the 113th Congress.

"The Rules package will better enable us as an institution to perform our constitutional duties and obligations with integrity and transparency, while streamlining our operations. Building on the work of House Republicans in the 112th Congress, this package exemplifies our commitment to an open, deliberative process that empowers the Majority to work its will, while preserving the ability of individual Members to present their ideas and engage in meaningful debate. I am pleased that my colleagues in the House have joined me today in approving the House Rules package for the 113th Congress."

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