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Congressman Marchant Issues Statement on State of the Union Address


Location: Washington, DC

"Last night, the President once again showed us that he remains committed to the same policies that have failed the American people for the last four years. Millions of Americans are still struggling to find work and provide for their families. Small businesses are still having a hard time keeping their doors open. The President still does not recognize that burdensome taxes and regulations are the cause of the problem. New taxes and more regulations are not the solution."

"What the American people need right now is a real plan for the future. The President refuses to develop such a plan. His failure to submit a budget on time for the fourth time in the last five years could not make this any clearer. Instead of working to restore our economy and put the country back on a more fiscally sustainable path, the President would rather focus on restricting Second Amendment rights and providing millions of illegal immigrants access to our welfare system."

"In a time when so many Americans are unemployed and a massive national debt threatens our country's future, it is difficult to understand why the President has not submitted any serious proposal on job creation or debt reduction. It is time for the President to work with Congress to advance an agenda that focuses on strengthening our nation."

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