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Cornyn: Time to Embrace the Texas Model


Location: Washington, DC

In a floor speech today, U.S. Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) said that Washington needs to embrace the Texas model:

"[O]ur state relies on a simple economic model that the federal government could emulate if it would like to have similar positive results: lower taxes, limited government, sensible regulations, and pro-growth energy policies.

"These are policies that recently helped Texas turn a $5 billion deficit during the recession into an $8.8 billion surplus. They're the policies that made our state a robust engine of job creation that is attracting Americans from all across the country.

"The total number of jobs in Texas since 1995 has grown at the rate of 32 percent. You compare that with the rate of growth of jobs in America nationwide, it's 12 percent. 32 percent to 12 percent. That's not an accident."

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