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Weber: It's Time for Obama to do his Job


Location: Washington, DC

Today, the House voted on the "Require a Plan Act" that would require the President to submit a budget that would balance at some point during the 10-year budget window. If the President's budget does not reach a balance, he would then be required to submit a supplemental budget that shows when his budget request would reach a balance. Congressman Randy Weber (R-Alvin) released the following statement:

"As a co-sponsor of this common sense legislation, I am proud to have voted yes. The "Require a Plan Act' demands that the president explain to the American people how he intends to balance the budget. The last time our President submitted a budget it did not receive a single vote. We cannot go on business as usual. Times have been tough in the last decade and families have managed to live on a budget. It is high time for the President and the Senate to start doing the same.

"The House Republicans are committed to balancing the budget and getting our country back on track. I hope that the President embraces this measure and finally works with us."

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