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Newsletter: The State of Our Union is Strong


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This week, President Obama spoke directly to the American people about solutions to our most pressing challenges: how to create economic growth with jobs, strengthen the middle class, and responsibly reduce the deficit. His agenda is a reflection of the fundamental American values of opportunity, equality, and fairness for all. His proposals reflect a core vision shared by House Democrats: that a strong, thriving middle class is essential to a strong, prosperous America. The President's objectives match the priorities of House Democrats. It is time to create jobs through manufacturing, investments in education and training, and support for clean energy jobs and a modern infrastructure. It is time to heed the President's call for real progress to reverse the rising tide of climate change, expand access to early childhood education, raise the minimum wage, enact comprehensive immigration reform, and prevent gun violence. Democrats agree with the President that vigorous debate is a sign of the strength of our democracy, but endless debate is not the path to progress. Let's work together and act now to create jobs, spur economic growth, bolster the middle class, and bring down the deficit in a balanced way.

Celebrating Black History Month
Every year, our nation dedicates the month of February to honoring the contributions, achievements, and strength of the African-American community -- and to recommitting ourselves to an end to prejudice and oppression, a new beginning of opportunity and progress, a vision of liberty and civil rights for all Americans. It is our duty and our obligation to follow in the giant footsteps of President Lincoln and Dr. King; of all who marched and fought, struggled and endured, sacrificed and strived to bend the arc of American history toward justice. It is our responsibility to continue the work of our predecessors and overcome the challenges of our day: to create jobs and alleviate poverty; to strengthen schools and ensure public safety; to protect the right to vote and reignite the American Dream. Together, let us take inspiration from the crossroads of our past and act to uphold the promise of equality and freedom in our time.

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