Governor Steve Bullock introduces TRACE Act

Press Release

By:  Steve Bullock
Date: Feb. 14, 2013
Location: Helena, MT

Democratic Governor Steve Bullock announced his support in a bill that aims to shine light on dark, money groups and their contributions to political campaigns.
Bullock, along with Republican Senator Jim Peterson introduced the transparency, reporting and accountability in campaign elections, or TRACE Act, at a press conference this morning.
The act would prohibit direct corporate and union contributions to candidates, and would implement a disclosure policy. Bullock says the act would not limit anyone's speech, but instead shed light on who the speakers are.
Bullock says, "To ensure transparency and accountability in our elections, the trace act will among other things shut down dark money groups and prevent them from hiding behind their tax status to avoid having to disclose who they are and whose funding their elections."
Senator Peterson says there is support from fellow legislators and is optimistic the bill will pass. A couple weeks ago, a joint resolution to encourage lawmakers to end corporate campaign finance was tabled in committee.

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