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Rep. Mulvaney Releases Statement on Hurricane Sandy Supplemental Relief Amendments


Location: Washington, DC

Representative Mulvaney released the following statement regarding the amendments he has filed to the Hurricane Sandy Supplemental Relief Bill:

"As a Representative from South Carolina, a state that has experienced many hurricanes of its own, I know and understand the need for disaster relief. Providing relief for large-scale natural disasters is a proper function of government and I absolutely support the federal government's role in situations such as this. That being said, I have offered two amendments to the Sandy Supplemental Relief Bill that will off-set the cost by finding savings in other areas and one amendment that seeks accountability in how the money is spent. I believe these to be common-sense ideas. I know how important the supplemental relief is to those affected by Hurricane Sandy, but I believe we can provide that relief while finding ways to pay for it, rather than adding to the nation's ballooning deficit. Indeed, if we cannot come together under these tragic circumstances to find a way to pay for this relief, do we seriously believe we will have the political will to ever balance the budget?"

Rep. Mulvaney is currently at home with the flu and will not be available to comment further.

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