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Wilson Statement on Passage of the Require A PLAN Act


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Joe Wilson (SC-02) issued the following statement after the House passed H.R. 444, the Require A PLAN Act:

"Washington has a spending problem and a spiraling out of control debt of over sixteen trillion dollars. On Monday, the President once again missed his deadline to submit a budget proposal to Congress, supporting the belief that he is not serious about tackling our spending problem. Additionally, over the last four years, the federal government has spent more than one trillion dollars annually beyond what it receives. The only way we can begin to get our fiscal house in order is to propose a balanced budget with responsible cuts. If American families are not allowed to spend beyond their means without consequence, the federal government should not be able to do it either.

"The passage of today's bill is a significant step in the right direction to hold the President accountable for his unsustainable spending. By requiring the President to propose a budget that balances, the American people will begin to restore their faith in Washington and believe that prosperity is possible for our future. Balancing our budget not only protects and preserves entitlement programs for our seniors and future generations; it also provides economic certainty, which will help America's small businesses create jobs. As a proud cosponsor, it is my hope that the Senate will pass this fiscally responsible bill in a timely manner and send it to the President for his signature."

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