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Cicilline Statement on Bipartisan Fiscal Cliff Agreement


Location: Washington, DC

U.S. Congressman David N. Cicilline issued the following statement after voting to pass the Biden-McConnell fiscal cliff agreement:

"I voted to support the bipartisan fiscal cliff compromise because, while it is far from perfect, this agreement guarantees that middle class families, seniors, the unemployed, and small business owners will not face the prospect of steep tax hikes or devastating spending cuts as we enter the new year."

"At the same time, the political and highly divisive process that unfolded over the past few weeks and the short-term nature of this solution do not reflect how we should address such profoundly important issues."

"With our country facing so many serious challenges at home and abroad, we need our leaders to place our nation's long-term prosperity ahead of their own short-term political gains. When Congress revisits these issues in a few months, it is critical that we reach a long-term, comprehensive agreement that keeps our economy on the right track and protects the hardworking men and women who sent us here."

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