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U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz Statement on Hagel Nomination


Location: Washington, DC

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) today issued the following statement:

Chuck Hagel is not the right choice for Secretary of Defense, and if he is nominated, it is difficult to imagine any way I could support his confirmation. Hagel has not been a friend of Israel, our most important ally in a very troubled region of the world. And he has repeatedly been soft on our enemies. Bullies do not respond to weakness, and Hagel's stance on Iran -- the most serious national security challenge America currently faces -- makes conflict more likely, not less likely.

America needs someone leading the Pentagon who understands that peace comes through strength. And we need a Defense Secretary who will stand unshakably alongside the nation of Israel, because that alliance is vital to preserving U.S. security.

Although, if nominated, I will listen to what he has to say in a confirmation hearing, Chuck Hagel's record strongly suggests he is not that man.

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