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Rep. Perry Statement on White House Failure to Submit a Timely Budget


Location: Washington, DC

"The federal government has run up a crushing debt of $16.4 trillion and rising. This year alone, another trillion dollars will be added to the burden we're mounting on ourselves and future generations. The House of Representatives has tried to address this crisis by passing responsible budgets that control spending and foster an environment for a healthy economy that will help create job opportunities. The United States Senate hasn't passed a budget since April 2009. And for the fourth time in five years, President Barack Obama has failed to meet his lawful obligation to submit a timely budget to Congress.

If we don't work together to address our debt crisis, we can't guarantee the future of programs like Medicare and Social Security. But it's hard to work together when you're the only one who's working. Just days after passing legislation to force the Senate to adopt a budget, or not get paid, the House will consider legislation to require President Obama to put forward his plan to balance our budget. Families and businesses throughout the 4th District have to live within their budgets, and if we truly want to grow our economy and create jobs, it's up to Washington to do the same."

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