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Newtown, Connecticut Tragedy

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. HATCH. Mr. President, to begin, I want to take a few minutes to express my deepest sorrow for the events of last Friday. As a parent, grandparent, and great-grandparent, I was horrified to hear the news of the tragedy in Newtown, CT. My sadness remains for those who have lost their children and loved ones and for the quiet community that saw its sense of peace and well-being shattered through such a terrible act of violence.

I, like almost everyone I know, am at a loss when it comes to making sense of such a horrible tragedy, and I won't try to do so today. All I can do is offer my prayers and sympathies for those who lost their children, friends, and family members, and to the people of Newtown.

In my faith, we believe families are eternal; that those who have lost loved ones will one day be reunited with them. That belief has helped me to cope with losses I have experienced over the years. And while I know nothing can relieve the pain of losing a child, I hope this notion will bring the parents of those sweet innocent children some measure of comfort.

Once again, I offer my heartfelt prayers and deepest sympathy to those in Newtown and throughout the country who have cause to mourn this day.

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