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Merkley Statement Supporting Lew Nomination


Location: Washington, DC

Oregon's Senator Jeff Merkley, a member of the Senate Banking Committee, issued the following statement after meeting with President Obama's nominee for Secretary of the Treasury Jacob Lew yesterday.

"I had a good conversation with Jack Lew, talking about various strategies to create economic opportunities for middle-class Americans and to move our country and economy forward. I will vote to confirm him to be Treasury Secretary.
"It is clear to me that he is committed to finishing the job on Dodd-Frank financial reform, especially implementing a strong Volcker Rule that will put a firewall between hedge-fund style trading and traditional banking. We also discussed efforts to help families who are underwater -- owing more than their homes are worth -- to refinance at lower rates. This is a key measure to break the cycle of foreclosures and to boost our economy.
"Jack will be a strong ally in the effort to put America on a long-term trajectory to grow our economy and support the middle class. I look forward to working with him in his new role."

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