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State of the Union Response


Location: Washington, DC

"With Congress stuck in a cycle of repeating fiscal crises, I'm glad that the President put the focus back on the economy tonight--which is where it should be. Our recovery is persistent, but much too slow and incredibly vulnerable to these avoidable, ever-looming fiscal cliffs. We need a long-term solution and we're only going to get there with a balanced approach that grows the middle class, which the President outlined tonight.

"I was also happy to hear the President mention several other important issues tonight. He's right that we should continue developing clean energy so we can cut our dependence on foreign oil and create jobs at home, including right here in Maine. Like him, I'm hopeful that we can finally pass meaningful immigration reform. Finally, I appreciate that he has not backed down on reducing violence in this country. We owe it to our children to pursue every strategy to make this country a safer one, and we would do a disservice to them by not looking at common sense gun control policy."

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