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Congressman Bentivolio's Statement on the Obama Administration's Aid Package to Egypt


Location: Washington, DC

Last week, there was a report that the State Department sent four F-16's to Egypt as part of a previous foreign aid package that was brokered between the Obama administration and then President Mubarak. A total of sixteen F-16's and 200 Abrams tanks are scheduled to be sent to Egypt by the end of this year. Congressman Kerry Bentivolio released the following statement:

"Arming President Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood with our military technology does not promote freedom and stability in the Middle East. This administration has made it clear that it does not keep the safety of Israel, our strongest ally in the region, as a priority. The Obama administration should stop adding fuel to the fire of chaos in an already volatile region. I will bring this issue up in committee when the administration testifies on its foreign aid policy."

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