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Rep. Miller: President Obama has an Opportunity to Lead to Meet our Nation's Great Challenges


Location: Washington, DC

U.S. Representative Candice Miller (MI-10) today released the following statement in anticipation of the upcoming Presidential Inauguration, swearing in President Barack Obama for his second term as America's 44th President:

"On Monday, President Obama will be sworn in for his second term as our nation's 44th President. This ceremony marks one of the greatest American traditions -- the swearing in of the leader of our nation resulting from fair and free democratic election. America has never wavered in our commitment to democracy and we never will.

"As President Obama begins his second term our nation faces many challenges. Chief among these is getting our economy moving forward, dealing with our nation's ever expanding debt, and government overspending. In the days and months ahead, I hope to hear from President Obama on how he will join together with the Congress to ensure we are putting forth responsible polices to advance the American economy while at the same time bringing fiscal sanity back to the federal budget. In addition, America is consistently faced with the security challenges of not only our economic freedom, but for the security of every citizen at home and abroad. Keeping our nation safe with strong national defense and homeland security policies are all areas where the President can work with the Congress and ensure this security mission is met with the resources needed to succeed.

"I wish President Obama the best as he steps up to re-take the oath of office and I sincerely hope that as he once again takes the reins of leadership in our nation that he uses this position of leadership to unite our nation in common purpose to tackle these great challenges. United together, America can face these challenges head-on and ensure we leave a stronger nation for our children and grand children."

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