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Rep Walberg Calls on President to Submit a Balanced Budget


Location: Washington, DC

Rep Tim Walberg voted in favor of H.R. 444, Require a PLAN Act, obligating the president to submit a budget that balances within 10 years, or provide a supplemental budget plan identifying when the federal budget would balance.

"Unfortunately, the Senate and our president have repeatedly failed at the most basic duty of budgeting. Last year, the President sent Congress a budget that never balanced, while the Senate didn't have the courage to even introduce their own. A balanced budget is important to the hard-working taxpayers across Michigan who want to promote a healthy economy and opportunity for the next generation. Although the president's budget is already late this year, we've giving him an opportunity to get it right. Together we can produce solutions that get our nation's debt crisis under control and our budget balanced," commented Rep Walberg following the vote.

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