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Rep Walberg Votes to Hold Senate Accountable on Budget


Location: Washington, DC

Today Rep Walberg voted in favor of H.R. 325, the No Budget, No Pay Act, requiring both the House and Senate to pass a budget within the next three months, or Members of Congress will not get paid.

"The Senate needs to be held accountable for not passing a budget in almost four years, because that's hard-working taxpayer dollars they're dealing with. Families and small business owners work within a budget and it's only fair that they expect their government to do the same. House Republicans have twice passed a responsible budget to address our mounting debt and promote a healthy economy. Our goal is to advance a budget that balances within 10 years. The Senate needs to join us in affirming that Members of Congress should not be paid until they've accomplished the simple task of passing a budget, and realizing that our country cannot solve its debt crisis until their government stops spending beyond its means," commented Rep Walberg following the vote.

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