Issue Position: Economy

Issue Position

By:  Kristine Lytton
Date: Jan. 1, 2013
Location: Unknown

Why is it that we all talk about the economy as recovering but never recovered? We are all under the stress of this seemingly endless recession: there are still too many of our friends unemployed, kids home for the summer have little chance of a job, and there are businesses newly boarded up and buildings sitting empty. But, in Olympia, the economy never left our sights. Our job was to do more to encourage more jobs … and that's what we did.

Economic recovery through the creation of jobs. The JOBS Now Act puts 22,000 people back to work around the state and maintains critical state infrastructure.
Supplying businesses with a skilled workforce. Washington's aerospace businesses are having difficulty finding skilled workers. We are improving our alignment between aerospace industry needs and training programs, getting more information and evaluation of existing training programs, and updating them so the trainings lead to the kind of jobs we need.
Maintaining a strong infrastructure. The Transportation budget supports over 43,000 jobs throughout our state. In order for our economy to thrive, businesses need a vibrant infrastructure that moves people and goods efficiently.

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