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Van Hollen: House Republicans Choose Gimmicks Over Real Solutions


Location: Washington, DC

Today Maryland Congressman Chris Van Hollen, Ranking Member of the House Budget Committee, issued the following statement after the House Rules Committee denied a vote on the House Floor on the Democratic alternative to the sequester:

"Once again, House Republicans have made clear they are more interested in budget gimmicks than budget solutions. Washington Republicans have created a series of fiscal crises, but refuse to allow a vote on the House Floor on the Democrats' balanced approach to replace the sequester's meat-ax style spending cuts. Our plan includes the Buffett Rule to reduce the deficit without hitting working families, and cuts unnecessary subsidies for agriculture and Big Oil. This plan makes specific policy choices to reduce the deficit in a balanced way, with a mix of spending cuts and revenue increases. In addition, our substitute calls for a balanced solution to prevent the full multi-year sequester from taking place.

"The seriousness of this proposal stands in stark contrast to the Republican bill, which is nothing more than effort to pin blame on the President. The clock is ticking, and the GOP is wasting time and prolonging economic uncertainty. Unfortunately, it is American families, small businesses, and our economy that will pay the price."

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