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Issue Position: Bailouts

Issue Position

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I oppose all federal bailouts of private corporations. Bailouts reward the bad behavior of big businesses, hurt smaller businesses trying to compete, and steal wealth from the American people and give it to corporate America. Our current state of politics as usual has become "Of the People, by the elite, and for big business" instead of "Of the People, by the People, and for the People." The process has failed, and our representatives have abandoned the very principles upon which they were elected.

The notion of "Too Big to Fail" is a concept that the politicians have repeatedly given as a rationalization for their unconstitutional behavior. No business should be too big to fail. Congress should actively prevent the formation of monopolies and companies that exert too much influence over our economy, and Congress should continually enforce anti-trust legislation to protect the free market and its citizens from corporations becoming too big. If businesses participate in high-risk transactions, they must also participate in the negative outcomes they may produce. Companies that have made wise business decisions should be allowed to divide and take over the assets of failing companies, using sound business models to replace those that are unsound. We can not promote capitalism and profits on the upside, and implement socialism and bailouts on the downside. We must adhere to the principles of fiscal responsibility and free markets.

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