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Issue Position: The Machine

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You'll hear me say, "I'm not running against a candidate, I'm running against the Machine." That's because the Chicago Machine has run roughshod over our community not for years, but for decades.

It's no surprise that Chicago is famous nationwide for one thing: corruption.

And nowhere is that more true than in the Second District. You may hear politicians making nice promises, Democrat and Republican, but why do you think we still get the same leadership no matter who's in office?

The Machine.

The Machine is what has kept decades of Black leadership from making good on its promises to help their own community. The Machine is what profits off our community while we suffer. The Machine is why the same people stay in office despite neglecting to bring any sort of change to our community.

The Machine is why you don't have a say in this great country of ours, built on democratic government.

If you think it's normal for our community to be in tatters, young men and women standing on street corners with nothing to do, and our housing taken out from under us, then keep choosing from among the same old candidates.

If we are ever to break the cycle in our community of leaders promising one thing and doing another, it's the Machine we need to take on, not each other.

If you are ready for a real change, then vote for the ONE candidate who has the history of standing up against the Machine, Paul McKinley.

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