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Comments on Fiscal Cliff


Location: Washington, DC

Congresswoman Niki Tsongas offered the following comment regarding the recent developments in the negotiations to avoid the "Fiscal Cliff":

"The proposal floated last night by House Republicans, which ultimately never came to a vote, was nothing more than legislative theatrics aimed at distracting the American public from the unwillingness to compromise that it truly represented. To date, Republican proposals have set forth an unbalanced approach that does little to reduce the deficit and quite frankly, puts the burden of reducing our debt and deficit squarely on the backs of the middle class, while giving breaks to the wealthiest.

"I am committed to coming back and fixing the issues that are leading our nation down a dangerous path. I support a balanced approach to solve the budget crisis. This includes making a real down payment on our national debt, preventing deep cuts from undermining our fragile economic recovery and harming our national security, and incorporating broadly shared sacrifices while protecting the vital programs that bolster so many Americans.

"Avoiding the consequences of stalemate will require reaching a deal that includes shared sacrifice. Both parties will have to make concessions. This is both fair and just. To return our deficits to the surpluses we ran in the late 1990s, pay down our long-term debt, and protect our nation's social safety nets will require a sustained commitment from the entire nation, a commitment that will only come if a deal is seen as fair."

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