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Boustany: "It's Time for Senate Democrats to Get Serious about Cutting Spending and Propose a Budget."


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Charles W. Boustany, Jr., M.D., (R-South Louisiana) issued the following statement after the No Budget, No Pay Act passed the House of Representatives earlier today:

"After almost four years without a budget, it's time for Senate Democrats to get serious about cutting spending and propose a budget. House Republicans continue to take the lead and propose responsible plans. My vote today was in favor of Paul Ryan's budget which cuts our nation's spending and balances budgets within 10 years.

"Today's vote holds Harry Reid and Senate Democrats accountable by making them pass a budget or else their pay will be withheld. If American families and small businesses are required to live and operate within a budget, why isn't the U.S. Senate?

"Today's legislation reflects my conservative belief of implementing true fiscal restraint in Washington."

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