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Issue Position: Ethics

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For the last six months, the people of Southland didn't have anyone fighting for them in Congress during debates over some of the most important issues of the day. Now the fiscal cliff is looming, and as middle class families worry about a $2000 tax increase and cuts to crucial programs, we still have no voice speaking out for the fairness we need and deserve.

As a mother of three, a daughter, and a community activist, I know that leaders can only lead when they have the trust of the people they represent. I firmly believe that elected officials should lead by example, and that's why as a state senator I voted to cut my own pay and end free lifetime care for legislators. I will serve in Washington as I did in Springfield--with openness, integrity, and commitment to the Southland.

Over the past few years I have grown deeply concerned with the ever-expanding role of money in politics. The hundreds of millions of dollars provided to SuperPACs and shadow groups that don't disclose their contributions distort our political discourse and vest power in special interests, corporations, and the extremely wealthy. The middle class, which cannot afford million dollar contributions or lobbyists in Congress, is left behind. I support tough reforms to campaign finance that would make elected officials responsible to the people, and I am committed to fighting the dangerous Citizens United decision that opened the door to SuperPACs.

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