White House Can't Infringe on Second Amendment Rights


By:  Steve Scalise
Date: Jan. 10, 2013
Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Steve Scalise today released the following statement after Vice-President Joe Biden indicated that the White House would pursue gun control through Executive Order.

"Vice-President Biden would do well to read the 2nd Amendment and revisit the meaning of the phrase "shall not be infringed,'" Scalise said. "Bypassing Congress to implement radical policies is never acceptable, and it's particularly heinous when such actions trample on the freedoms guaranteed to all Americans by the Bill of Rights.

"Efforts to restrict the 2nd Amendment rights of law-abiding Americans will only punish those who play by the rules and will be ignored by criminals who break the law. This radical attempt by the Obama Administration to unilaterally rewrite the Constitution will launch our nation down a slippery slope as the White House shows a dangerous disregard for the rights and freedoms guaranteed to every American. Instead of trying to violate a cornerstone of our Constitution, the Obama Administration should focus on promoting American values that encourage strong families and a respect for the sanctity of life while working to ensure that those with mental illnesses are able to receive the care they need."

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