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House Passes "Require a PLAN Act"

Location: Washington, DC

Two days after President Obama missed the statutory deadline for submitting a budget -- for the fourth time in five years -- the House of Representatives passed the 'Require Presidential Leadership and No Deficit Act' or the 'Require a PLAN Act.' The legislation stipulated that should the President fail to produce a budget that balances within a 10-year window, the President will have to provide a supplemental budget that does balance within a decade. In addition, the legislation, if signed into law, would require the President to explain the differences between his initial budget and his supplemental budget and to provide a description of the policies necessary to achieve balance. Congressman Tim Huelskamp of Kansas supported the legislation that passed the House with bipartisan support by a margin of 253-167.

"Americans have grown tired of Washington's fiscal mismanagement. President Obama has been late to produce a budget four out of the five years he has been in office, and the Senate has not passed a budget since 2009. President Obama's blatant disregard for the law requiring him to submit a plan is inexcusable and so too is his indifference to balancing the budget. 'Require a PLAN Act' sends a clear message that the House is not going to let President Obama drive our nation into fiscal oblivion."

"President Obama pledged to cut the deficit in half by the end of his first term, yet the nation has run annual trillion-dollar deficits and has added nearly $6 trillion to the debt since he took office. His style of governance is unsustainable and a tremendous threat to the economic security and prosperity of our nation."

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