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Huelskamp: There is No Compromising the Constitution


Location: Washington, DC

Friday's announcement from the Obama Administration about their controversial HHS mandate leaves the religious liberty of millions of Americans still in jeopardy because of President Obama and Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. Congressman Tim Huelskamp criticized the Obama Administration for its sham of an "update":

"Today's proposal is more of the same disdain for religious liberty from President Obama and Secretary Sebelius. This latest head feint does nothing to protect the religious liberty of millions of Americans in family-owned businesses such as Hobby Lobby and Dominos Pizza, EWTN and Wheaton College, or O'Brien Industrial Holdings and Hercules Industries in Denver. For no matter the size of company, nor the faith of an owner or employee, the First Amendment should be protected from the radical agenda of this Administration."

"Americans of all faiths, particularly Catholics who have been unfairly targeted and profiled by this HHS Mandate, call upon the Administration to do the right thing: eliminate the entirety of this unconstitutional HHS mandate. Only by doing so can we protect the most cherished of all American freedoms -- and the heart and soul of our Constitution."

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