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A Victory for Republican Principles

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

On Thursday night, House Republican leadership decided not to hold a vote on "Plan B," a bill that would increase taxes on many small business owners. Congressman Huelskamp led the efforts to keep the bill from coming to the floor so that Republicans would not be forced to vote for a tax increase in legislation that was ultimately doomed to fail due to the Senate's refusal to take up the bill and the President's promise to veto it. Congressman Huelskamp has stated consistently that the House should stick to its original objective of extending ALL Bush-Obama tax cuts (as it did in August), and that the real focus of the entire fiscal cliff debate should be about spending, not about more revenue.

Additionally, Congressman Huelskamp's opposition to "Plan B" was that even though the threshold of $1 million impacted a small number of people, those individuals include 311,000 small business owners that produce 41% of all small business income in America (according to Thursday's Wall Street Journal). A majority of those small business owners employ 10 or more other people.

"Republicans should not be forced to vote for a 'show' bill that asks us to compromise on our principles," Congressman Huelskamp said. "For the last two years, the agenda has been 1) to end job-killing tax hikes and 2) to foster economic growth for revenue; 'Plan B' abandons those goals -- and our convictions right alongside them. For the last two years, 'the job creator' has been a priority; 'Plan B' kicks him to the curb. And, for the last two years -- particularly in the last two weeks -- we have been told that the problem is too much spending, not too much revenue; Plan B neglects our obligation to cut."

"On a separate note, Republican leadership thought they could silence conservatives when they kicked us off our Committees. I'm glad that enough of my colleagues refused to back down after the threats and intimidation, thus preventing the Conference from abandoning our principles."

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