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Economy: First and last
Jobs: Pass the American Jobs Act. Approve the new 50 billion dollar stimulus.
Education: Pro College and Pro Vocational Schools.
Afghanistan War: End the war now. Support Troops.
Senior Citizen Rx Plan: One Plan included in part A. End part D entirely.
Homeland Security: Strengthen our borders.
New National Power Grid Completion
Complete overhaul of Oil Drillings, top to bottom
Like Windmills
Renewable solar power roofs
Water, restock fish
Co-Generation Power Plants
Abortion: Pro Life
Immigration: When will congress act?
Gun Control: In this country, what?
English Language: Non Issue
Gay Marriage: Non Issue, get busy Congress
College Football BCS: Looking forward to the new BCS.
Transportation: New national high speed rail completion
Interior: Preserve parks and wildlife
Law Enforcement: More police, IRS and EPA.
Civil Rights: Support extension of 1968 bill
Minimum Wage: Support increases. Pro Living Wage
Electronic Voting: All for it, support U.S. Software
National Speed Limit: 70mph especially at state borders
Free Trade: Yes
Stem Cell Research: Favor newest technologies.
EPA: Serious increase to combat the Koch Bros., Grover Norquist and the Tea Party.
Dept. of Agriculture: I like the new Ag-based anti e-coli spray
Internet Sales Tax: Hmm?
Tariffs: No
Taxes: Will rewrite tax code

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