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Shimkus Supports No Budget, No Pay Act


Location: Washington, DC

"Budgeting in Washington is not an easy process, nor is it logical," Congressman John Shimkus (R, Illinois-15) explained. "We first start with a budget, which sets the size of the federal spending pie. Then, after determining the size of the pie, the appropriations process divides the pie into the various federal agencies.

"The House has routinely passed budgets under Republican control, and the last two years our budgets have dealt with containing our long-term Medicare spending. However, the Senate has not passed a budget since 2009," he noted.

"The No Budget, No Pay Act of 2013 puts the issue of the debt ceiling aside until both the House and Senate pass budgets," Shimkus added. "And if one body or the other does not pass a budget, then their salaries would be withheld until a budget is passed, as required by law."

The No Budget, No Pay Act (HR 325) requires the adoption of a budget resolution by April 15. The Treasury Department is also authorized to pay existing bills due through May 18.

"It is very difficult to control our spending, when no budget exists over in the Senate. And when the House brings forward its budget, we will do two things -- limit discretionary spending to $974 billion, which is the number I supported as part of sequestration; and reach a balanced budget within ten years.

"This is the first step in very tough choices that we must make in the months to come," Shimkus said.

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