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Letter to Chairman Levin and Ranking Member Inhofe - Vote NO on Hagel Nomination


Location: Washington, DC

Today, Congressman Trey Radel (FL-19) sent the following letter to Chairman Levin and Ranking Member Inhofe. Rep. Radel is encouraging the Senate Armed Services Committee to vote NO on the Chuck Hagel confirmation for Secretary of Defense. Rep. Radel had the following comments:

"Although I won't have the opportunity to vote on Chuck Hagel's nomination, I encourage Americans to call their Senators and advise them to vote NO on an individual who has shown no commitment to Israel, our greatest ally in the Middle East, and whose positions on states who sponsor terrorism, like Iran, are scary at best."

February 5, 2013

The Honorable Carl Levin

Committee on Armed Services

United States Senate

Washington, D.C. 20510

The Honorable James M. Inhofe

Ranking Member

Committee on Armed Services

United States Senate
Washington, D.C. 20510

Dear Chairman Levin and Ranking Member Inhofe,

I write today to urge you to vote against Senator Chuck Hagel's nomination to become our next Secretary of Defense. While I greatly respect the Senator's record of service to our country, both in the United States Army and in Congress, I believe that his views on Israel and Iran are unacceptable.

The United States and Israel have a critical and symbiotic relationship. While Israel depends on America's support against terror worldwide, the United States also depends on Israel's democracy and intelligence in an unstable and hostile region. In the Middle East, it is particularly important that all players understand the strength of our commitment to Israel. Any perceived weakness or uncertainty in our support for Israel will not only threaten the people of Israel, but also our own security.

Senator Hagel's comments regarding direct negotiations with Hamas, a terrorist organization, are deeply concerning. Similarly, Senator Hagel's history of opposition to sanctions against Iran demonstrates his lack of understanding of the situation in the Middle East.

In dealing with states that sponsor terrorism, like Iran or North Korea, our position must be well defined and clear. Senator Hagel's troubling prior statements, and unwillingness to clearly repudiate those prior statements today, increases America's risks at home and abroad. There can be no doubt that we are one-hundred-percent supportive of Israel. For these reasons, I respectfully urge you to vote against Senator Hagel's nomination.

Member of Congress

Senator Jack Reed
Senator Bill Nelson
Senator Claire McCaskill
Senator Mark Udall
Senator Kay R. Hagan
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