Murphy Votes with Republicans to Demand Balanced Budget


By:  Patrick Murphy
Date: Feb. 6, 2013
Location: Washington, DC

Today, Congressman Patrick E. Murphy (FL-18) voted with a Republican majority in support of H.R. 444, the Require a PLAN Act, which requires the President to submit a balanced budget for fiscal year 2014 or to include in his budget proposal an estimate of what year the budget will be balanced. The bill passed the House of Representatives by a vote of 253-167 with the support of 227 Republicans and 26 Democrats. Although not included in the final package passed by the House, Rep. Murphy also voted in support of a Democratic amendment to H.R. 444 that would require a balanced budget to take a balanced, bipartisan approach to deficit reduction that protects the middle class and seniors.

"Our country is at a tipping point and it is high time that we get serious about addressing our nation's fiscal issues, which requires a bipartisan, balanced approach," said Rep. Murphy. "I joined my Republican colleagues today in voting for this bill and demanding that we put a plan in place that leads to a balanced budget. Although I wish the bill had been amending to ensure a balanced approach is taken to reach a balanced budget, this is still an important step in getting our fiscal house in order."

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