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Castor Votes to Support Middle-Class Families and Reject Congressional Pay Raise


Location: Washington, DC

U.S. Rep. Kathy Castor voted to keep taxes low for middle-class families and boost economic growth in America. As part of the bill, she voted to reject a pay raise for members of Congress.

"Middle-class families throughout the Tampa Bay area and the entire nation are shielded from harsh tax increases. Instead, greater tax fairness is the hallmark of the bipartisan compromise," Castor said. "My neighbors in Tampa Bay are focused on jobs, their mortgages, and sending their kids to college. The extension of meaningful tax credits for families and the cost of attending college are very positive."

"Policymakers should continue to work in a balanced way to create economic growth and solve our debt challenges. A balanced plan allows us to invest in America and its infrastructure, education and research centers. Such a path would keep our local Tampa Bay area economy strong and create jobs in our community."

Castor also rejected a pay hike for members of Congress.

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