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Webster's Statement on December Unemployment Numbers


Location: Washington, DC

U.S. Representative Daniel Webster (FL-10) issued the following statement concerning the impact today's jobs report released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics has on Central Florida, which showed the unemployment rate increasing to 7.8% and labor force participation falling remaining unchanged at to 63.6%.

"Today's report show modest job creation; however, it is a sobering indicator that there is still much work to be done to create jobs. These numbers reveal an underlying economic sluggishness that leaves thousands of Americans still struggling to find work in order to make ends meet. There are barely enough jobs being created to just keep up with the natural growth of the population. This is evidenced by the high numbers of our young people who cannot find a job as they attempt to enter the work force out of school, and instead are forced to return to their parent's home rather than making their own way with financial independence. This cannot become the new normal. We need action from Washington that will get our fiscal house in order and will encourage economic growth, not simply the advancement of the status quo. Bold action in Washington to address the true drivers of our debt will provide needed certainty in the marketplace and begin to heal Americans from the plague of debt and joblessness.

"The 113th Congress offers that opportunity for bold action, and I call on my colleagues to respond with a renewed commitment to tackling the big problems facing our economy. The House stands ready to build on its job creation efforts from last Congress. It is my hope that the Senate and President will join us in recognizing the urgency with which we must act on behalf of all Americans," stated Webster.

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