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Webster Cuts Own Pay; Delivers Check to the Treasury for Debt Reduction


Location: Washington, DC

Since being sworn in as a U.S. Representative, Daniel Webster (FL-10) has voluntarily reduced his salary to 2008 levels and returned the difference to the U.S. Department of Treasury for the purpose of paying down the debt. Consistent with his principle that every level of government must do more with less to live within our means, Representative Webster led by example and once again hand delivered a personal check to the U.S. Department of Treasury earlier this morning after which he issued the following statement:

"In this turbulent economy, people are working harder for less take home pay. Many Central Floridians do not expect a raise this year and have not received one for quite some time.

"Every dollar counts, and getting our fiscal house in order starts with a Congress that lives within its means. Rolling back my salary to 2008 levels is a small example of savings that are possible and necessary. Central Floridians deserve principled stewardship of their hard-earned tax dollars and need the assurance that the federal government is working to do more with less," said U.S. Representative Daniel Webster.

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