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Congresswoman Corrine Brown Comments on Senate Fiscal Cliff Bill


Location: Unknown

Congresswoman Brown made the following statement:

"Although I do not think the Senate measure passed early this morning is a perfect bill, it is a good start. Passed on a bipartisan basis on a 89-8 vote, the agreement in the Senate between Senate Republicans, Democrats and the White House contains many good provisions. One that really stands out is the dropped demands by Senate Republicans to make cuts to Social Security in exchange for a continuation of unemployment insurance benefits.

Additionally, other provisions that greatly benefit my constituents include items such as the extension of unemployment insurance until the end of 2013, which assists 2 million struggling American families nationwide; as well as a five year expansion of tax credits like the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC); the Child Tax Credit and the college tax credit. I am also pleased to see that there was an extension of the farm bill through the end of the fiscal year, which averts a sharp rise in milk prices (some economists estimated prices would rise to $7-8 per gallon). Moreover, an agreement to avoid cuts in payments to Medicare doctors protects not only physicians but the patients who depend on their services.

During the 2012 elections the American people spoke, and I think it is clear that they do not support a continuation of Republicans' reverse robin hood economic policies -- robbing from seniors, students, and the elderly, and even jeopardizing our military and our veterans -- just to maintain tax breaks for the upper 2% of income earners. We need to move forward and prevent taxes on 98% of Americans from dramatically rising merely because of the intransigence of a number of tea party Republicans who apparently control the House of Representatives!"

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